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'Newsdesk Communications has given us a publication that makes for essential and interesting reading for all market participants. The publication plays a strategic role in our marketing communications.'
Margaret Wilkinson,
Head of Corporate Communications,
We invest time in establishing a partnership with each of our clients, because if we are to work together, it's important that we share the same goals. We need to use the same measurements and appreciate the same standards. And of course it helps if we share the same sense of humour – that way our relationship will survive today's commercial pressures.

Newsdesk Media Group is comprised of the complementary media companies Newsdesk Communications Ltd and Newdesk Digital. These companies operate from our London and Washington DC Offices and they are staffed by a skilled and highly respected group of journalists, marketing specialists, designers and publishers. Our American operation is Newsdesk Media Inc.

We were founded in 1995 by Alan Spence, our Chief Executive, an experienced financial journalist who has worked with the FT group, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. He was assisted by Anthony Hilton, the financial editor of the London Evening Standard who today is Chairman of the company. Our US operation was launched in Washington DC in 2005 and offers our comprehensive range of media-related services to our American and multi-national clients.

Whether we are creating a publication for you, or making a film, writing insightful journalism or influencing public opinion, the common theme that runs through all of our work is our ability to communicate with your audiences in the most appropriate and valuable way. Professionally, powerfully and cost-effectively we can play an important strategic role in your communications programme.


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