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The Ringsider Yearbooks

‘In managing our print and electronic communications strategy, Newdsdesk Communications designed, wrote and published exactly the vehicles we were looking for. The Ringsider titles are authoritative and long-lasting whilst the e-newsletters fulfil a more immediately topical role. They've all been really well received by the Metals and Plastics community.’
Adam Robinson, Head of Public Relations, London Metal Exchange


The London Metal Exchange has a global reputation as the world's premier non-ferrous metals market. Whilst it is an innovative organisation, offering highly liquid contracts, the LME is proud of its traditional strengths and remains close to its core users by ensuring its contracts continue to meet the high expectations of industry. When Plastics trading was introduced in 2005 the LME needed to inform a new target community. It worked with Newdesk to restructure and implement its communications strategy.


The LME needed two yearbooks concentrating respectively on Metals and Plastics to provide separation between the two commodities and clear channels of communication between the organisation, its members and the broad international metals and plastics industry communities. The books, which were intended to provide authoritative reference points on these two distinct markets, were required to coincide with the Metals and Plastics Weeks in London. Additionally the LME required e-newsletters to provide more regular communication and editorial platforms from which to respond to shorter term situations and developments in, or related to the metals and plastics markets.


Edited by Peter Elstob, and written by leading market commenators, the Ringsider Plastics and Metals yearbooks are both well-informed and informative. They include insightful articles on the industries, pricing updates and LME news and education opportunities. The Ringsider e-newsletters are electronic HTML updates from the LME, distributed four times a year. They include recent news from the Exchange, announcements and short industry articles. Subscribers can opt for Metals or Plastics content, or a version which includes both.


The mix of yearbooks and topical e-newsletters has reinforced the LME's already strong presence in the industry and provides the clear separation between Metals and Plastics trading, which was a key requirement of the strategy. Our development of the LME's database and distribution software has ensured highly effective targeting for all publications as well as for subsequent LME marketing activity.

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