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‘The standard of informed writing that Newsdesk was able to bring to our publication, which included the objective views of independent journalists as well as in-house writers, ensured that the book was welcomed by the aviation industry. Its quality more than fulfilled our expectations.’
Barbara Kracht, Airbus Vice President Media Relations


Airbus is one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers in both the civil aviation and military transport sectors. It achieved a turnover of 20 billion in 2004 and has close to 4,000 aircraft in operation world-wide. The company's much-anticipated A380 will introduce a new era in airline service when it begins operations in 2006. Currently configured to accommodate 555 passengers, the A380 is the world's largest passenger-carrying aircraft and its revolutionary engine design makes it one of the quietest, most environmentally friendly and fuel efficient aircraft in the sky.


Airbus wanted a unique, high quality publication as a key marketing tool in telling the full story of the A380. It was required to cover all aspects of the development of the aircraft and demonstrate how the design and technology would combine to break new ground in aviation. The book had to communicate with all the Airbus stakeholders in over thirty organisations world-wide and, critically, the client insisted that the publication should be completely self-funding.


The project was edited by global aviation expert Philip Butterworth Hayes – one of Newsdesk's principal editors – working closely with Barbara Kracht, Airbus Vice President Media Relations and the publication's project manager. To cater for its international and high profile readership, editorial content was written by leading, independent aviation journalists and business writers. The beautifully illustrated, full colour, 300-page publication gives a 360-degree perspective on the A380, from its passenger-friendly features to explaining why the world needs this leap in aviation technology. Newsdesk not only developed and designed the book, but was responsible for the distribution of the publication world-wide.


The launch of the book took place at the 2005 Paris Air Show, which Jean-Claude Nicolas, the Airbus Senior Vice President for Communications, described as 'the beginning of a new era for commercial air travel and the whole aviation industry.' The Airbus 380 book was extremely well supported by advertising from all the Airbus contractors and its authoritative style proved so successful with industry commentators and public alike, that the initial distribution had to be limited and the book is now a collector's item.

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