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Welcome to Newsdesk Media Inc.

We are the US arm of the Newsdesk Media Group, a broadly based communications group comprising complementary media companies. Headquartered in Washington DC and London, we deliver tailor-made customer publications and digital activity in support of our clients' strategic brand and marketing objectives.

We are a proactive organization, proud of our reputation for delivering cost-effective solutions which are cogent, highly-targeted and which make a substantial contribution to our clients' communications programs. From creating publications which help to establish our clients as knowledge leaders, to writing and managing campaigns which influence key opinion formers, we are setting new standards at the heart of today's media business.

Globally, our clients include...

' For two years running, Newsdesk Communications has produced publications of exceptional quality, written and edited by knowledgeable and experienced journalists. In addition, the media strategy that Newsdesk Connections devised to launch our new European exchange was highly effective.'
James E. Newsome
New York Mercantile Exchange
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If you would like to know more about our publishing or digital services, or the advantages of owning your own title, or about advertising in one of our existing publications, go to our Contact us page, or simply call us on +1(202) 904-2423 or email and we’ll respond immediately.