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'Newsdesk have shown considerable expertise in designing and publishing yearbooks for our annual conferences. They are much admired and very widely read. We are very pleased with our partnership with Newsdesk and we look forward to it continuing.’
David Marsh
Member of the Management Board
German-British Form
From your initial meeting with our publishing consultancy team, to the finished product arriving on your desk, we manage every aspect of the publishing process, leaving you free to get on with the business of running your business.

So what sets Newsdesk Media Inc. apart and why should you trust us with your brand, your business and the important issues you want a publication to address? An examination of our client portfolio will give you at least part of the answer, but here are some other reasons:

Creatively focused

"  We ensure that, designed and written specifically for you, your publication is a clear, physical and intellectual expression of your brand and its values

"  The quality of the journalism and presentation allows your audience to absorb messages and information at a time, in a place and at a pace of their choosing

"  Our tailored editorial content allows you to engage with the reader and forge lasting relationships with them


"  Depending on the role you want the publication to play, its performance against pre-set targets can be easily measured

"  As your publishing partner we ensure that your publication evolves with you, to match your changing requirements

"  Where required, we can research and compile an individual distribution list for each publication. This work creates an extremely valuable database and ensures you reach your target audience


"  We offer a range of publishing/funding formulas to suit different budgeting processes. A publication may be fully funded by the client, paid for by advertising revenue, or a combination of fee and advertising income

"  Our production management systems ensure the highest publishing standards without clients paying the penalty of high print costs

"  Our experienced and professional advertising sales team ensures that advertising revenue makes a substantial contribution towards the publishing cost, to the extent that some of our titles are self-financing

In producing a publication for you, we try to make a complex process as simple as possible. And you can learn more about the Newsdesk Media route to your own publication by visiting the Publishing pathway section of this website.

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Why work with us?
Because you will be in good hands.
We are flexible in our funding packages, creative, obsessed with quality and very experienced. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call us on +1(202) 904-2423 or email and we’ll respond immediately.